One Piece Card Game Starter Deck Red Edward.Newgate [ST-15]

€ 15,00

-Six Colors of Decks for Beginners Releasing at the Same Time!

Six color of Starter Decks featuring Leaders Red Newgate, Green Uta, Blue Doflamingo, Black Smoker, and Yellow Katakuri which are from previous series.
Simple Leader effects and color characteristics make this an ideal product for newcomers!

-Five Cards with New Text in Each Color!

Each deck contains 5 cards with new text! Add these 5 new cards to an existing battle style and evolve your strategy!

-One Pack of PRB-01 Included!
Includes 1 PRB-01 pack, featuring reprints of popular cards from past packs! Even newcomers can strengthen their decks and enhance their ONE PIECE CARD GAME exprerience!