Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove Chapter 4

€ 60,00

A Disney Lorcana Illumineer's Trove from Ursula's Return.

A storm is brewing in Lorcana 's magical realm. The evil sea witch Ursula has been unleashed and uses all her powers to become sole ruler of everything and everyone in Lorcana. How far will Ursula go to continue her evil plans? Together with the other Illumineers, do everything you can, together with the beautiful new cards from Ursula's Return, to save Lorcana from destruction!

Meet Lorcana, Disney's Trading Card Game sensation. Collect and play with beautifully illustrated Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen and Simba from The Lion King!
In Disney Lorcana you play as the Illumineer, a hero with a fantastic imagination. Equipped with a magic brush and magic book, you can bring different colors of ink to life in the image of classic Disney characters and magic spells! Make your dreams come true with Disney Lorcana ; a collectible card game for young and old.

An Illumineer's Trove is the ideal start to your Disney Lorcana collection. No fewer than eight boosters from Ursula's Return, six damage counter dice, a lore tracker and six different card dividers with the rarity symbols on them. This all comes in a beautifully designed storage box to store everything!

An Illumineer's Trove from Ursula's Return contains:
- 8 boosters from Ursula's Return.
- 6 damage counter dice.
- 1 lore tracker.
- 6 card dividers with rarity symbols.
- 1 storage box with Ursula's Return artwork.