Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return Illumineer's Quest Gift Set Chapter 4

€ 60,00

A Disney Lorcana Illumineer's Quest from Ursula's Return.

A storm is brewing in Lorcana 's magical realm. The evil sea witch Ursula has been unleashed and uses all her powers to become sole ruler of everything and everyone in Lorcana. How far will Ursula go to continue her evil plans? Together with the other Illumineers, do everything you can, together with the beautiful new cards from Ursula's Return, to save Lorcana from destruction!

The Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble is a cooperative adventure where you and one to three others take on the evil sea witch Ursula! In this adventure, Ursula has her own powerful oversized card and a deck of 50 cards with four different difficulty levels. To get started right away, two 60 cards decks are included in this set. Defeat the sea witch and claim the secret victory card!

An Illumineer's Quest from Ursula's Return includes:
- 2 ready-made 60 cards decks.
- 1 Ursula scenario deck of 50 cards.
- 1 oversized Ursula card.
- 2 oversized, double-sided battleground cards.
- 1 Deep Trouble play mat.
- 1 Ursula draw token.
- 3 Lore tracker tokens.
- 29 damage counters.
- 1 secret victory card.
- 1 sheet with an explanation of the Illumineer's Quest